Expertise in Practice

Many teachers believe their practices to be the "best practices."  However, a best practice is not something that solely makes learning exciting.  Best practices are those research based practices, which make learning more effective than other day to day routines.  A best practice may be something simple such as ability grouping or it may be very intricate like inquiry based learning.  There is no limit to what makes a practice a best practice, there is simply trial and error with resulting research and data.  As our educational setting changes more and more every year as teachers we must strive to accommodate every learner, therefore utilizing best practices in every possible way.

This website is designed to assist teachers in the process of acquiring best practices to be initiated in their own classrooms. Each section contains a single best practice, with research and real world implementation examples.

Within this website you will find three research-based best practices for teachers of any age level. Whole Brain Teaching focuses on teaching using signs and gestures as well as rituals to zone in on memory and involve students in their learning.  The second, Project Based Learning, centers around inquiry based learning and having student learn through self-directed projects as opposed to direct instruction. Lastly, Portfolio Based Assessments are a way of keeping track of student learning other than through testing. Portfolios contain student work throughout a long period of time, versus only keep track of student learning unit to unit.

Each of these best practices have been researched, tested and implemented in real classrooms internationally.